Andrea | Maternity Session


Andrea is expecting her first child in a little over a month, a sweet baby boy! Over the weekend, we met at Kilgore Falls in Rocks State Park for her maternity session. It was my first time there and I must say, it did not disappoint. I have been wanting to go for some time and finally found the perfect opportunity. Andrea made my 'job' easy, she just had to show up and look pretty with her bump (and hike a little) and that's exactly what she did. It's a good thing we met early in the morning because by the time we finished shooting, the area was full of people! It is definitely a popular swimming spot on a hot day and understandably so. It's gorgeous and the hike is a lot easier than I anticipated.

Andrea, thank you for letting me capture this part of your journey to motherhood. You radiate beauty and all of the good things in the world! I am certain that you are going to be the best mama and I cannot wait to meet your little guy!