Layne + Zack | Lovers Sunset Session


I promise you don't need a special occasion to have photos taken, Layne + Zack's sunset session is proof of that. They've been married for four years and have two of the most adorable kiddos around. I'm obsessed with their love and the way they look at each other is truly melt-worthy. Tragically, Layne's mom passed away a couple of months ago, but her strength absolutely radiates. Despite everything she has been through, she remains gracious and kind and unbelievably strong. It was everything to watch her face light up because of Zack. Real connection, real laughter, real emotion- that became the theme of their session. I'm pretty sure they forgot I was there some of the time, which is exactly how it should be. Their chemistry is undeniable. And although they certainly didn't need any guidance from me, we played their wedding song and I watched in awe as they danced on top of that grass covered hill. There were a few times I had to hold  back tears- it was THAT good. They have that kind of love that you can feel.

Layne + Zack, you guys blew me away. People search their whole lives for the kind of love you share, so don't ever forget how lucky you are. And Layne, I can't imagine the sorrow you're feeling, but your resilience is inspiring. Your mom raised an incredible woman and I know she is so proud. So much love for you guys.

"Somewhere close yet far enough, there's a place where time cannot reach. A place suspended in a moment, where the earth stops turning, and where you know I'll be waiting. I'll be the wings that keeps your heart in the clouds, and you'll be the anchor that keeps my feet on the ground." - Victoria Erickson