Colleen + Josh

Colleen + Josh

Colleen + Josh | Golden Hour Maternity Session


One of my favorite parts about this business, is meeting and connecting with people I'd likely never meet otherwise. There are some souls that you just vibe with; some people who exude such a magical aura - a feeling that you can't necessarily put your finger on, but you're drawn to them. I totally felt that way with these two. They made my "job" so incredibly easy, just by being. People who are unapologetically themselves are my kinda people.

Don't be afraid to be real, be raw, be vulnerable. Not just during your session, but in life. It's a beautiful thing and it translates perfectly.

Colleen + Josh: your session melted me. I knew that night it was gonna be something special, but looking back at your images brought those emotions to the forefront again. Keep being you. I'm so stoked to meet your baby boy. He is one lucky little guy already. Oh and, I think it goes without saying, but he's going to have some gorgeous eyes! ;) xo


Rachel + Saad

Rachel + Saad

Rachel + Saad | Baltimore Couple's Session


Well, y'all. It's embarrassingly been a whole six months since I've blogged, but I'm gonna work on being more consistent going forward.

I recently had the pleasure of joining Rachel + Saad in their rad Baltimore condo for a sexy couple's shoot and it was e v e r y t h i n g my heart has been craving. While I absolutely love working with all my families and babies, I've been feeling my creativity slipping a bit and I needed a little spark to get me back on track. This was totally it.

Rachel is an extremely talented jewelry designer ||
 and Baltimore native. Saad is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. Individually they're amazing; the type of people you're just drawn to. And together, they are unstoppable. I'm not kidding - serious #couplegoals. I love that they are serious and focused when need be, but also know how to relax and live in the moment. They made this session And I left feeling so full.

Here's to hoping we all find our person, like these two certainly have.

And also, don't drool too much. ;)


The Jokl's

The Jokl's

The Jokl's | Lifestyle Newborn Session


A couple weeks ago, I was super lucky to hang out with this stunning family for a few hours in their home for baby E's newborn session. As much as I love cities, I always feel like I could never live in one. But each time I visit a client's home in the city, I second guess myself. I mean look at this rad view of Baltimore that we had to take advantage of. I adore Kirsten's style, her decor is everything I love - very boho chic. Gorgeous family, beautiful home, all-around good vibes. Everything about this session has my heart.

Jokl Family, thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture such a sweet, momentous time in your lives. It was such a pleasure to hang with you. xo


The Tillman's

The Tillman's

The Tillman's | Maternity Session


When Christina contacted me about planning this session, it was like a dream. She knew that she wanted a lot of pretty greenery at an outdoor location, in addition to more intimate photos in their home. I don't often get to shoot maternity sessions in two locations, so I was really inspired from the start. Our session fell on a super humid, on-and-off rainy day in Baltimore and we weren't sure if the weather would cooperate. Luckily for us, the clouds parted and we were able to grab the outdoor photos we had hoped for at a spot near their home, before heading inside for the rest. Their beautiful 4-legged girl, Myley, was with them every step of the way and it could not have been sweeter. She definitely pulled at my heart strings and is truly a special dog. Our session was nothing short of amazing - the perfect mix of emotions to capture this season of life as they await the arrival of their sweet baby. 

Christina & Chris - I can't thank you enough for entrusting me with these memories during such a momentous time in your lives. It was truly an honor to meet and work with you both. <3 


The Concannon's

The Concannon's

The Concannon's | Sunset Maternity Session 


When Brittany contacted me about planning her maternity session, I was so excited. Her only want was that there was greenery - my fav! We found the perfect spot, with lots of lush greenery, a little water and a perfect view of the sunset. It was such a gorgeous location (and evening) for these beautiful parents-to-be. 

Brittany and Paul - thank you for having me capture such a sweet time in your lives. Congratulations again and best of luck with your baby boy. Parenthood is the best! <3 


The Wolf's

The Wolf's

The Wolf's | Newborn Lifestyle Session


Stephanie and I met at work during our college years and while we didn't work together for very long, I felt like we just clicked. We lost touch for a while and reconnected on social media a few years ago. I was so excited when she reached out to me about newborn photos! She is one of those people who is a joy to be around and genuinely exudes such a positive energy.

A couple of weeks ago, she and her husband, along with their beloved 4-legged child, Penny, welcomed baby Thomas. I could not be more in love with their session - from their decor, to the way they included Penny, and the absolute perfection that Thomas is - it was amazing and dare I say, easy. It was the smoothest newborn session I've ever had, from start to finish, and I felt like I could've easily stayed all day.  

Wolf Family, you stole my heart. Thank you for allowing me to capture such a momentous time in your lives. I hope I'm lucky enough to create more memories with you in the future. <3 


The Bryant's

The Bryant's

The Bryant's | Mama + Me Session


This is the second year in a row I've held mama + me sessions around Mother's Day. These have easily become one of my favorite sessions to photograph! I feel like mamas are usually so busy snapping photos of their little people and rarely get a chance to get in the frame with them. People often ask if I'll do "daddy + me" sessions, which I am not at all opposed to, but I don't think dads usually find the joy in a photography session quite like mamas do. If I had to describe getting pictures taken from (most) guys' point-of-views, I'd probably guess that it's comparable to having teeth pulled. :) 

The weather wasn't 100% ideal for these sessions, but everyone was awesome and truly made the best of it which I love. Starting with the beautiful B Family. It rained during half of their session and they still rocked it. I always have so much fun with these guys and have been so fortunate to photograph their growing family through the years. It's crazy to think that I first met them when Brax was a baby and now they are awaiting their third. 

B Family - thank you, for the bottom of my heart, for always putting your trust in me! It's always a pleasure and I love catching up at our sessions. <3 


The Gentry's

The Gentry's

The Gentry's | Sherwood Gardens Family Session


I was hanging with my family on Easter Sunday when I received an email that I never expected in my wildest dreams. The email from Jordan started out that she and her family had just moved to the area and that her husband was going to be playing with the Orioles.


And then I may or may not have re-read it a few times to make sure it was real. And it was!

It took me a while to get over the initial shock that out of all the talented photographers in the Baltimore area, they found me. If you're a baseball fan, you may recognize the handsome guy below as one of the Orioles' outfielders. And those two pretty ladies with him? Absolute peaches. I can't even lie, I was so nervous leading up to their session. But as soon as I met Jordan, she put my mind at ease and was just as sweet as they come. And Little Miss E - my goodness, her personality is larger than life in the best way. You know how you can just tell when a kid has amazing parents? I got that sense about Craig + Jordan right away just based on how happy their little girl was. Not to mention, the palpable love she has for her daddy... it's melt-worthy.

 I am so grateful that our paths crossed and that I had the incredible opportunity to photograph this beautiful family. Truly my kinda people. <3

G Family - Thanks for spending a cloudy, flower-filled afternoon with me. It was such an honor to capture your sweet family. Welcome to Baltimore!

The Wiseman's

The Wiseman's

The Wiseman's | Newborn Lifestyle Session


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to photograph this gorgeous family again, this time with their sweet baby girl, Emrie. Even for new parents of two, Kristen and Shawn were so relaxed and laid-back throughout our time together which was so refreshing. And Barrett is the cutest little dude and such a sweet big brother. I loved spending time with this brand new family of four!

W Family - thank you so much for allowing me to capture such a special time in your lives. It was an honor and I'm so happy to have been a part of it. <3


My Babes

My Babes

My Babes


These are my crazy, beautiful kids. I'm no magician - I use a lot of bribery to get them to sit still for a few photos and then I usually give up. :) 

The end.


The Bond's

The Bond's

The Bond's | Jerusalem Mill Family Session


Well, it's officially Spring! And even though our session actually took place in the winter, you'd never know it (minus the bare trees) because this beautiful family brings so much warmth + joy + positivity. After our sessions, I always leave on the best kind of high. I'm so lucky to have met this family and look forward to it every time I get to see them.

B Family - the love is real! You guys are one in a million. Thank you for putting your trust in me through the years. It means the world. <3


Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte

Baby Charlotte | Newborn Lifestyle Session


Cari & I went to high school together and I was so excited when she contacted me about her newborn photos. It's so nostalgic for me when I get the opportunity to photograph the families of people that I've known for years - even if Facebook is our only form of communication since high school. In this age of social media, its easy to forget that you haven't actually seen someone for 10+ years when you're able to follow along as they travel the world, build houses and start families.

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. Talk about a way to ring in the New Year, Cari & Danny welcomed their beautiful baby girl, Charlotte, on New Year's Day! She made us work hard for these photos, but it was so worth it. Also, is her nursery not the sweetest thing ever?! 

Cari & Danny, thank you both so much for having me to capture such a special time in your lives. I loved getting to meet Miss Charlotte and spending time with all of you. 


Jenelle + Nate

Jenelle + Nate

Jenelle + Nate | Engagement Session


A few weeks ago, on a freezing cold December day, I met up with Jenelle and Nate at the beautiful Sandy Point State Park to photograph their engagement. I think it's funny (in the nicest way) when the most nervous people turn out to be the most natural in front of the camera. And the reason being is because they are able to completely be themselves, focus on the moment and after just a few minutes of shooting, their nerves seem to quickly dissipate.

These two, along with their adorable pups, rocked their session and it's one of my favorites to date. They are having a destination wedding later this year and I'm seriously jealous of the photographer who gets to photograph it. They are the dream team - there's so much love and genuine happiness between them. They are so comfortable together and the emotions you see are the real deal. I'm smitten by them. 

Jenelle + Nate, thank you for letting me be part of your journey. I had the best time with you guys and wish you all of the best things life has to offer. <3 


Sumanth + Dipti

Sumanth + Dipti

Sumanth + Dipti | DC Proposal


Sumanth reached out to me a while ago about photographing his proposal to Dipti in Washington DC. He carefully planned every detail of the day. First, they would see "The Nutcracker" at The Kennedy Center, where I would be waiting as they exited the theater and then pretend to be a photographer for the venue so that I could get their photo without her figuring out his intentions. Then they would leave The Kennedy Center and make their way over to the monuments where he would get down on one knee and ask her to spend forever with him. Finally, he would take her to a dinner where she would be surprised by their loved ones to celebrate with them. 

This was the first proposal I was lucky enough to be a part of and I loved every minute. It was so exhilarating. I loved all of the raw emotion of the day and seeing their story unfold. 

Sumanth + Dipti, thank you both for an incredible experience! Congratulations again on your engagement. Wishing you both a lifetime of love & happiness. <3

Jolene's 1st Birthday

Jolene's 1st Birthday

Jolene | First Birthday Session


I met the S family just a year ago when we did sweet Jolene's newborn photos. They have easily become one of my favorite families, for many reasons, but just look at their kid. I mean, she's too cute for words. I could photograph those eyes and curls all day, every day. She's a lucky girl, mom & dad are pretty awesome, too. All around good feels for this beautiful family. 

Happy 1st birthday, beautiful girl! And many, many more. <3 


Katie + Chris

Katie + Chris

Katie + Chris | Couple's Session


 A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Katie + Chris on a rainy fall evening. Chris just recently moved here for Katie, after they did the long distance thing for a while. It was amazing watching their story unfold in front of the camera. After only a few minutes with them, it was obvious how smitten they are together. I also l o v e d that Chris wore his cowboy hat to pay homage to his southern roots. Oh and the blanket they brought with them, Chris' grandmother made when he was a baby. THE SWEETEST.

Katie & Chris, I had so much fun working with you both! Wishing you all of the happiness. 

The Valentine's

The Valentine's

The Valentine's | Fall Family Session


I know I say I love every family, but that's honestly because I do. Megan and I became friends in college (ah, the good ol' days) and I'm so glad we live close to each other now! I love their little family and that I get to photograph them. Our sessions always feel so comfortable and relaxed. I photographed Hannah as a newborn and she just recently turned one - isn't she a doll?! 

Thank you guys for letting me be part of your sweet family! It's always an honor. ❤︎