Thanks for stopping by, I'm so flattered that you're here!

Born and raised Baltimore native, girl-mama + wife. Those are my kiddos up there and my entire heart. I'm always looking for an adventure or any excuse to experience something new. I love meeting people and forming real connections. I don't do well with surface-level conversations, so be warned, I ask a lot of questions. :) 

I'm a self-taught photographer with a vision to shoot outside of the box. My goal is to create images that make you feel something; a little less cookie-cutter, if you willI'm a natural light gal, so you'll catch me outdoors for 90% of my sessions. I would say my photography style reflects who I am personally: realistic, spontaneous & detail-oriented.  

If your vision matches my style, let's create something together. I seriously can't wait to meet you.



                              photo by: Sincerely, The Kitchens 

                             photo by: Sincerely, The Kitchens